Advocacy for Libraries

Current Campaigns:

Fair Pricing for E-Books Campaign

New!  The Science Pledge   and   Canada Needs a Parliamentary Science Officer  (from Evidence for Democracy)

Our Initiative

On Friday March 28, 2014, twenty six library associations came together to strategize a new collaborative advocacy initiative.  As a result of the discussions, there was unanimous agreement that a collaborative approach to advocacy is required. The group agreed that the overarching goal of a collaborative advocacy initiative will be to raise the national public profile of the services and expertise offered by libraries, librarians, library technicians, archivists and information professionals.

Since then, the following Associations have formally agreed to participate in our network:

AAO       Archives Association of Ontario

ACMLA Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives

APLIC   Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada (Observer)

CALL    Canadian Association of Law Libraries  (Founder)

CAPAL  Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians

CAUT    Librarians’ and Archivists’ Committee of the Canadian Association of University Teachers

CLA      Canadian Library Association    —Advocacy Initiatives

ELLA    Edmonton Law Libraries Association

MLA     Manitoba Library Association    —Advocacy Initiatives

OLA      Ontario Library Association       —Advocacy Initiatives

SLA       Saskatchewan Library AssociationAdvocacy Initiatives

SLA       Toronto Chapter of the Special Libraries Association

SALT     Saskatchewan Association of Library Technicians

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